Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung will turn 38 on November 5

Alexa, from Hampshire, was scouted by a modelling agency at the age of 16. She’s famous for her cool and quirky style, and launched her own fashion label in 2017. Alexa is in a relationship with Orson Fry, 25, frontman of indie band Soundtown.

Air King

Alexa’s first card is the Air King, which can indicate an age gap relationship, but one where both partners are equally wise and mature. This is a card of ending difficult work situations properly, perhaps legally, before moving on. And can also show TV appearances beside a famous “K” face and the chance to wear, or maybe share, a fashion, music or beauty crown.


Card two is the Beginning, symbol of fresh starts, a childlike outlook on the world, and the ability to leap right into the unknown without looking back. A role linked to children in some way, and a greater part for them in her future, can start soon, and any number that includes one or more zeros, perhaps on a presentation or prize cheque, can carry special luck.

Five of Air

Final card out for Alexa is the Five of Air, showing old rivalries can be resolved with someone with a five-letter name. A home or job swap can happen from East to West, or vice versa.