Aidan Turner

Actor Aidan Turner will turn 37 on June 19

Aidan bowed out as TV’s Ross Poldark last year after five smash-hit series, but the Irish star will be back on TV in a new heartthrob role as Leonardo da Vinci in 2021. He’s in a relationship with American actress and film-maker Caitlin Fitzgerald.


Aidan’s first Tarot card is Strength, a powerful symbol of physical health and vitality. Aidan, who’s famous for his muscled torso, can branch out into fitness sessions, or his own brand of feelgood activities. His optimism and motivation are at an all-time high and he’s ready to put physical assets to work for charity in some way. A team of 11 is his best ally in this.

Four of Fire

Second card for Aidan is the 4 of Fire - a card of celebration, singing and dancing. It links to his Irish homeland and a special event by candlelight. A ring or other family heirloom passing through generations is also often indicated on this card of personal peace and joy.


Finally I draw the Magician, card of illusion and creative magic - this takes Aidan towards a project or role that will stretch him to breaking point, but also teach him so much. Shiny black shoes, a circle of stars and going back in time to his first-ever paid acting role, are all significant for him.