Singer songwriter Adele will turn 33 on May 5

Adele has kept a low profile in recent years, but popped up in news feeds last week dancing at an Oscars after-party. The multi-million-selling singer songwriter’s got a whole new look after losing a lot of weight, and is reported to be working on her fourth album, due for release in 2021. Adele is divorced and has one son, Angelo, 8.


Card one for Adele is Changing, reflecting her ability to transform herself - not just externally but internally, too. An object from her past - perhaps with a family connection - is the inspiration for a new business line. This sweepclean card of fresh starts also wipes away any sense of love or life regrets. And a song linked to “C” can be the biggest hit of her career.

Three of Water

Next is the Three of Water, a card of happy endings, including weddings. Marriage may be the last thing on Adele’s mind, but a location next to the sea and a date linked to number 3 can change that.

Fire Queen

Lastly, I draw the Fire Queen. This shows a powerful friendship and professional bond with a female celebrity famous for her hot temper and sarcastic comments. This is also a card of a child matchmaking - not just in love terms, but in finding the perfect property, or work premises.