Adam Peaty

Champion swimmer Adam Peaty will turn 27 on December 28

Adam retained his 100m breast stroke gold medal in the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer, the first ever UK swimmer to do so - he is also a reigning world record holder. He reached the 7th round of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, partnered by Katya Jones. Adam and his girlfriend Eirianedd Munro have a one-year-old son.

Self Sacrifice

Adam’s first card is Self Sacrifice, which highlights the uncertainty of facing the unknown, but balances it with an internal peace. This card suggests dreams are very important to Adam and a name or place that first appears in a dream can transform his outlook. He’s ready to give up some elements of his present life, to secure himself a happy future.

Ace of Fire

Card Two is the Ace of Fire, card of lightning strikes and flashes of inspiration. A dance-swim combo that starts as fun, maybe within his closest family, can grow fast towards success. Adam is also drawn to spicy fragrances and foods, and countries known for these. Going first in any contest can be his key to success.


Card Three is The Emperor, linking Adam to a father figure, in a totally different sport. But some people may ask for more than Adam can give - in love, time, or money.